Microwave wood treatment for total woodworm extermination in minutes

Shashel® microwave equipment
for woodworm (xylophagous) elimination
Advantages of Shashel® microwaves
By curing woodworm we work to make your sleep more peaceful and your home stronger.
Our woodworm killer is safe for your home, its residents and the environment. It is free from poisons, toxins and chemicals.
100% guarantee and efficiency
Microwave extermination of every type of insect in wood.
This is the best offer on the market.
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions.
Easy of use
Mobility, reliability with no need for after-sales services.
Speed of action
High capacity and the ability to modify it to apply to all situations.
Worth noting
Advantages of Shashel® microwave wood treatment
  • Hidden wood treatment
    Hidden wood treatment
    Various insulation materials are not a problem for the microwave equipment because the radio transparency of dielectric materials enables the treatment of concealed wood. It doesn't matter whether the wood is covered with plastic, ceramic tiles, plasterboard, paint or wallpaper it can still be treated.
  • Metal is not a problem
    Metal is not a problem
    Metal nails, staples, electrical wiring, and so on do not interfere with the treatment.
  • High quality
    High quality
    The microwave wood transmitter is a reliable piece of equipment which is waterproof, dustproof and dirt-proof.
  • Precious and gentle treatment
    Precious and gentle treatment
    Books, furniture, icons, and antiques can also be treated.
  • Delivery
    Fast delivery anywhere in the world.
  • Easy to use
    Easy to use
    The microwave wood treatment is extremely easy to use. Household appliances can be left in place.
woodworm heating
The microwave field kills all wood boring insects in the wood and dries out mould. It is safe to use with any timber and does
not cause any
harmful effects on the timber.

Shashel® creates electromagnetic non-ionising radiation that instantly accelerates water molecules, thus boosting the temperature up to the point of vaporisation. Any bugs, larvae, or eggs are simply boiled alive.
Temperatures of 55-60 °C cause animal proteins to clot! The death
of wood boring insects is inevitable.

Most temperature changes occur where there are more water molecules. Woodworms contain up to 95% moisture and are guaranteed to die when exposed to microwave fields.

Woodworm treatment is no problem even if the wood is covered with plastic, ceramic tiles, plasterboard, paint, or wallpaper because the radio transparency of dielectric materials enables the treatment of concealed wood. A variety of insulation materials are not a problem for the microwave equipment either.

The penetration depth is up to 25 cm. Processing time for 200mm logs is 7-9 minutes.
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Katie:
    What is the guarantee for complete removal of the woodworm?
    Currently, this is the only method of 100% extermination. It is also completely sustainable. The microwave wood treatment does not leave the woodworm any chance of survival. To test this yourself, put an insect (in a container) in your household microwave and turn it on. We're sure you'll be convinced, so call us.
  • Katie:
    How safe is it to work with this equipment?
    Provided elementary safety rules are followed the equipment is absolutely safe. At a distance of five metres the microwave field completely dissipates. The remote control has a 15-metre cable, which is more than enough to reach a safe distance and even leave the room.
  • Katie:
    Is it necessary to treat the whole wooden house?
    No, you just need to kill the woodworm in the infested area. Such equipment is as necessary for a wooden house as a vacuum cleaner in an apartment.
  • Katie:
    What do you think of pesticides?
    It is weird and irrational to build a house from environmentally friendly materials and then cover it with carcinogenic poisons on your own initiative. Moreover, such agents can only penetrate the wood to about 1-2 mm, which is not enough to reach the pests.
  • Mia
    "Ero infestata da tarli nella mia casa e non sapevo cosa fare. Avevo provato molti rimedi diversi, ma nulla sembrava funzionare. Alla fine, su consiglio degli amici, ho acquistato il dispositivo a microonde Shashel. Ed è stata la migliore soluzione! Già dopo pochi giorni mi ero dimenticata dei tarli. Grazie a Shashel® per aver salvato la mia casa!"
  • Erik
    "Ich halte das Mikrowellengerät Shashel® für unverzichtbar in jedem Haushalt mit Holzkonstruktionen. Mit diesem Gerät kann ich sicher sein, dass mein Zuhause geschützt ist."
  • Alex Larkin
    Founder of Total pest control
    "I am a professional exterminator, and I have been using Shashel microwave devices in my work for many years. It is the most effective method of combating woodworms that I know of. The devices are easy to use, safe, and reliable. I recommend them to anyone who has encountered this problem!"
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SHASHEL® is a European manufacturing company that works with both private households and organisations all over the world. Our equipment is distributed from the Alps to the islands of Bora Bora. The company was founded in 2012, and since then, it has saved thousands of wooden houses.
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